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////////// The Xperion TL-IV

Bipolar Multifrequency Versatile Radiofrequency
The Xperion TL-IV

The Xperion TL-IV

Bipolar Multifrequency Versatile Radiofrequency

Xperion TL IV is Thermamedic Medical Systems most complete product of the range.

It is based on all the Radiofrequency systems created by the company, it includes our patented automatic multifrequency management controlled by the tissue impedance.

XDMF in Radiofrequency.
In Radiofrequency we use three base frequencies, 300 Khz, 500 Khz and 1 Mhz . Each of them can be changed from a range up to 5% of their frequency base in each direction and we can control the number of times that this change happens during each work cycle. The system can eventually emit micropeaks to produce an stimulation of the tissue.

The reason for these continuous changes is to avoid the cells to get adapted to external stimulation of current and heat and provoke a continuous reaction against it.

The main contribution of Xperion TL IV is the incorporation of multiple different Technologies in the same platform.

Bipolar RF. Xperion TLIV presents four distinct handpieces one per area and use. EYES, FACE, BODY SMALL AREAS, BODY.

Monopolar RF. With a resistive monopolar Radiofrequency handpiece designed for deeper areas like visceral fat or phisioaesthetic treatment.

Electroporation RF. With this technology Xperion TL IV offers the possibility of Virtual Mesotherapy treatments, with cosmetology or with the help of the other kinds of RF included on the platform.

The advanced architecture of Xperion TL IV is prepared to be upgraded periodically without changing the device.


  • technology
  • Radio Frequency
  • treatments
  • facial Rejuvenation
  • Reaffirmation of arms
  • Localized Fat Reduction
  • cellulitis
  • body Firming
  • Stretch

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